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Hello and welcome to AWARE’s Mental Health Awareness Programme

iAmAWARE is a mental health awareness programme developed by iAmAWARE and can give you knowledge about mental health, things that affect it, skills to help you look after your mental health and information about where to get help if you need it.

This is an interactive programme and what you put into the course over the next  30 mins or so will help you with your own mental wellbeing. If you are distressed by anything in the presentation or have a question that you don’t want to post into this online learning app, you are very welcome to talk to someone in person after or visit one of the support groups we have available all over Ireland.

All information submitted is confidential and used only for the purposes of evaluation and research.

The aim of this course is to help you.

– Develop your understanding of mental health issues.

– Provide support to someone with a mental health issue

– Develop self-help techniques

– Identify what specialist support is available.

We hope that this will help you finish the course feeling empowered to work on your mental health and feel more positive about how you deal with stressful situations.

Course Curriculum

Intro to Mental Health
Pre-course Survey 00:00:00
iAmAWARE welcome and outline 00:00:00
What is Mental Health? 00:15:00
Mental vs Physical 00:00:00
Mental Health Definition 00:00:00
Mood graph 00:00:00
Things that affect our mental health 00:00:00
How events impact us: The 5 Areas Approach 00:00:00
What impacts our mental health? 00:01:00
Creating a virtuous circle 00:00:00
Mental Health Problems
Stress 00:00:00
Physical Signs 00:00:00
Signs and symptoms 00:00:00
HALT 00:00:00
Mental Health Problems Vs Mental Illness 00:00:00
Mental Illness – Some facts 00:00:00
The Stigma of Mental Health Issues 00:00:00
Depression and Anxiety
Common Types of Mental Illness 00:02:00
Depression 00:02:00
Depression: Did You Know? 00:00:30
Causes of depression 00:00:00
Symptoms of depression 00:00:00
Symptoms of Anxiety 00:00:00
Anxiety Disorders 00:00:00
Dealing with Depression and Anxiety 00:00:00
Personal Stories 00:00:00
Self Help
Self Help Jug 00:00:00
Mental Health Awareness Exercise 00:00:00
Five ways to well-being 00:00:00
Tips on Self-Help 00:00:00
5 Basic Steps to Support Others 00:00:00
About AWARE 00:00:00
And to finish… 00:00:00
Get Certificate 00:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Good sound advice from Aware.


    If you are prepared to put effort into reading and entering your thoughts into the course, you will get a lot from it. I was able to discover things about myself that I always knew were there but never spent the time to dig deep and uncover my thoughts behind them. Give it your time and you will feel better for it!

  2. Interesting Course


    This course really helped me come to grips with my feelings and how I deal with them. I used some of the helpful advice like reading and walking to make a difference to my daily routines. Worth adding the time in to get the most out of it.

  3. This was life changing. Seriously!!


    Wow, info was spot on and really sound advice from the training Aware.

  4. Practical and helpful


    Great course – worth taking the time to work through. Explains clearly the theory behind addressing mental ill health and demonstrates the practical steps that you can implement in your day to day life to have positive mental health.

  5. Worthwile


    Fantastic course to raise awareness around mental health issues

  6. I Am Aware


    Excellent mental health awareness programme – interactive and colourfully presented, which keeps the learning style light and fun but also delivers the facts about mental health and how to get help

  7. iAmAWARE Course Review


    The course is very detailed and informative. It is an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn more about mental health. The course material is something that every person can identify with and learn from. I would definitely recommend it.